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Muscles After 40! 

Beachbody has some great programs for those who are deciding to get in the best shape of their lives at a later age. I will share three of the top programs for beginners that I recommend near the end of this post. But first, I wanted to talk about why maintaining or increasing our fitness levels as we age is so important, as well as what areas we should pay close attention to. 

As I get older, I am finding more and more that age really is just a number. In fact, I try to better myself every year, but I also know that as we age, we also need to be more careful, because there are changes happening in our bodies that we need to work with – not fight. 

With that said, our fitness goals may also change as we get older. It’s inevitable that our bodies change with time, so we need to be aware of that. 

Maintaining Range of Motion in Your Joints and Muscles 

As we age, we lose mobility. This is due to both our bone structure gradually changing as well as the shortening of tendons and ligaments within the joints., which is why we feel stiffer as we age. 

There are three very complex areas of the human skeletal system that tend to degenerate more quickly than other areas of the body. They are as follows: 

  • Thoracic spine 
  • Hips 
  • Shoulders 

Each day, I spend 5-10 minutes stretching these areas with basic static and dynamic stretches. This is my minimum mobility work for the day and helps me to continue to feel amazing and flexible. 

Exercises or the thoracic spine: 

  • Cobra yoga pose 
  • Cow pose/cat pose 

Exercises for the hips: 

  • Goblet squats 
  • Hip circles 
  • Hip flexor stretches

Exercises for the shoulders: 

  • Arm circles 
  • Various static stretches 

When you do these exercises, never push yourself beyond your limits.  Start slow, and if you feel any pain, stop immediately. Stretching should be pleasant and relieving, never painful. 

Self-Myofascial Release aka Self-Massage 

Trigger points are caused by trauma to the soft tissue. Basically, when the muscle tissue becomes injured, it heals itself together forming what we often refer to as muscle knots. It’s like scar tissue. Have you ever ran your hand down your sore muscle and felt a harder spot that’s sore to touch? That’s a trigger point. 

Foam rolling is the preferred way to break up these adhesions or scar tissue. When you hit a knot, you’ll know it, because it is painful, and you can often feel the foam roller going over what seems to be a hard object in your muscle tissue. But don’t let off, instead, maintain pressure on the knot for 30-60 seconds, and it should eventually release. You will notice immediate relief once it does. And don’t fret if you can’t get the knot out in one sitting. I know I can’t always. Just continue to work on it each day until it does. 

I have an entire blog post about foam rolling here. Since that article, I’ve also added a lacrosse ball and double lacrosse ball into my mobility kit, which is just an FYI if you are looking to up the intensity of your foam rolling. 

Maintain or Build Your Core Strength 

The core muscles include your abdominals, your back muscles as well as a smaller and complex system of stabilizing muscles around the pelvis that lead down the legs. The core muscles are an important area to focus on as we get older because we use them so often in our everyday lives. 

Pick something up off the floor? That’s right, you’re using those core muscles. Standing up straight? Now that is a lot of core work! When these core muscles weaken, we open ourselves to injuries in other areas of the body, as well as poor posture. Most individuals who undergo back strain have a weakened core. 

The good news is that keeping your core tight and strong can be accomplished with a few simple exercises you can do anywhere. 

For the core: 

  • Plank 
  • Side plank 
  • Bridges 
  • Burpees 

Remember to always keep your core tight when exercising as doing so will give you a lot of indirect core work and lower your risk of injury. 

Exercise & Eat Right Every Day 

The best thing anyone of any age can do is exercise and eat right. It’s not rocket science. A couple of strength training workouts each week, some cardio, a diet that is based around whole, healthy foods, and your body, mind, and spirit will thank you. 

Three Beachbody Programs I Would Recommend 

Tai Cheng: I cannot speak highly enough of the work Dr. Mark Cheng has done in this incredible workout program. This program consists of a beginning round of mobility work, followed up with a session Tai Cheng (basically Tai Chi). This program just does not get recognized enough and is the program I used as my research material for this blog post. I think it’s because the weight loss is not extreme as with other programs, although it helps you lean out, get your mobility back, and keeps you eating healthy. Ordering information can be found here

PiYo: Yoga and pilates combined, although I could say stretching and strengthening exercises combined to create a heck of a good workout. This program fixed some of my very own muscle imbalances and built my endurance while giving me a long, lean, toned look. It contains two core workouts to really help with posture, too. Here is the link to get it here.

21 Day Fix: This is the renowned portion control and 30-minute daily exercise program that was made with the beginner to exercise and diet in mind. It is a program based around creating habits (it takes 21 days to create a habit) that you can live with to lead a healthy lifestyle for life, not just the three weeks. And, being based around whole-foods, does not hurt either!  You can get the 21 Day Fix here.

Don’t Think It Can Be Done? 

Two of the finest transformations I have been privileged to be a part of is from a 53-year-old male and a 58-year-old female. He, who has now completed three programs and dropped over 30 pounds, is currently Maxing Out with INSANITY MAX:30 as we speak. She is building muscle while maintaining her flexibility with PiYo, loving every minute of it. I hope to add their transformation pictures here soon if they let me! 

PLEASE NOTE: I am not a doctor. If you have concerns about previous injuries, future injuries, or whether or not you are healthy enough to do a particular program, please consult your physician. I say this because I want you to be safe. 

Tabitha Martin 


Too sore to get out of bed? I know how that feels. :) 

Muscle soreness one or two days after an intense workout is completely normal and can be caused by aerobic or anaerobic activities... It can be especially bad if you haven’t exercised for a long period of time or if you’ve upped the ante of your current workout program. 

It’s known as DOMS: 

Delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS is micro-damage caused to the muscle fibers and connective tissue from exercise. DOMS is a harmless condition that typically lasts a few days. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to help reduce that tight and sore muscle feeling more quickly than nature? Ten years ago, I probably would have told you to tough it out. However, now I have a much better suggestion: Foam Rolling! 

What is Foam Rolling? 

Foam rolling is a form of self-myofascial release, which is just a fancy term for self-massage. Foam rolling releases the tightness and knots that form within the muscle by helping to elongate the muscle tissue by breaking up scar tissue and any trigger points. 

What’s a trigger point?
A trigger point is an area in the muscle that can lead to pain in other areas of the body. For example, a trigger point in the back muscle could be causing your neck pain. 

Foam rolling also helps bring more blood to the muscles. This increase in circulation helps speed up the muscle recovery process. A side benefit of foam rolling is that it will also help with flexibility – something you can never have too much of. 

The Fundamentals of Foam Rolling 

Here are the basic rules of foam rolling: 

Roll slowly – you should not be moving at more than one inch per second 

The pressure to the muscle group you are working should be moderate – think Goldilocks, but in this case, not too hard, not too soft…just right 

This pressure should produce a slight amount of discomfort. While foam rolling can make you feel really wonderful after the fact, it isn’t always the most pleasant experience 

If discomfort becomes painful, you have found a muscle knot/trigger point 

When a knot is found, do not continue to roll – instead, pause for 5-30 seconds and rock the area that is knotted back and forth slightly (side to side if you were rolling up and down.) The knot should release within that timeframe, but if it doesn’t, workaround and back to the area again until it does.

Lower Body Foam Rolling Exercises 

How to Foam Roll the Calves:

Begin by resting your lower leg (think Achilles tendon) on the foam roller. Your toes should be pointing upward throughout the movement. If you need more pressure, cross your non-working leg over your other leg. 

Lift your hips off the ground and slowly roll the entire calf muscle from bottom to the top, which should end up just below your knee. When you hit an area where you feel a knot(you’ll know when!), stop and apply pressure to this area – then continue on. 

TIP: You should also hit the inner and outside areas of your calves by turning the leg in and out. For most people, the inside area of the calf is the tightest.




How to Foam Roll the Hamstrings 

Start by placing the foam roller at the top of the hamstring, right below your butt. 

Work the roller down towards the knee. Again, pause until any tightness dissipates. 

TIP: To add more pressure, cross one leg over the other. As with the calves, be sure to hit the entire muscle by angling your leg in and out. 






How to Foam Roll the Glutes 

Tight glutes can be the cause of a lot of pain elsewhere in the body, specifically in the knees and the lower back. Foam rolling the glutes can release these trigger points, allowing for pain-free movement. If you have sciatic pain, this foam rolling exercise is a must. 

To begin, sit with one leg crossed over other while sitting on top of the foam roller. You should almost be sitting directly on top of the foam roller with the roller at the top of your glute muscle towards your lower back. Lean slightly towards the leg you’re working. 

Roll your way down. The entire movement is not more than a few inches, so be careful not to “fall off”. 

TIP: Shift your body weight to the center and then lean to the other hip to hit the different areas of your glute, and then move on to the other side. 


How to Foam Roll Quadriceps 

Tight quadriceps can lead to knee pain and even poor posture. 

Lie face down with the foam roller up near your hips. You can either do one leg at a time or two. I like doing two at a time. 

Work the roller down to just above the knees. 

TIP: As the quads are a very large muscle group, you will want to hit different angles on the foam roller by turning your feet both in and out. You will need to do one leg at a time when working the various angles 


How to Foam Roll the IT Band 

The IT band is not a muscle, but it is another common source of pain – especially for runners. The IT band is a long series of connective tissue that runs down the outside of the hip down to the outside of the knee. 

To foam roll, this area lay on your side with the roller just below the hip bone. 

Roll down to just above the knee, keeping your forward foot flat on the ground to stabilize your body. 




How to Foam Roll the Abductor Muscles 

The adductor muscles are the muscles that run along your inner thigh. Tight adductor muscles are a common reason why people feel tight in the hips. Keeping the adductors loose is very important for hip mobility and to obtain the proper form of lower leg exercises such as the squat. 

To foam roll the adductors, you are going to have to get into an awkward beginning position. It is by far the most ridiculous position you’ll have to get into. 

Place the foam roller under your upper inner thigh. To do this, you will need to lay on your stomach with your knee bent up and out to the side and place the foam roller up near your groin. 

You then want to work the roller down towards the knee, but do not tense your inner thigh. 

TIP: Make sure to not allow the upper body to turn; your torso should also remain parallel to the ground. 

Upper Body Foam Rolling Exercises 

How to Foam Roll the Lats 

So, now that you know how to foam roll your lower body, it’s time to foam roll your upper body. To foam roll the lat muscles: 

Lie on your side with your bottom arm extended, but relaxed. The foam roller should be positioned about midway up the torso just above the bottom of your ribs. 

Work the roller towards your shoulder – it should end up being right up in your armpit. 

TIPS: Most people are very tight under the shoulder blade (I sure am!) When you hit a tight/painful area, continue to breathe and work through it for 5-30 seconds. 

As with many lower leg exercises, you can change the angle to hit a larger area of the muscle group. 

How to Foam Roll the Back Muscles 

To begin foam rolling the back muscles place the foam roller under the middle of your back.  You can gently support your head with your hands clasped behind the back of your head, or you can cross your arms over your chest – whatever’s more comfortable. Lift your hips up off the floor. 

Roll your body down, so the roller massages up to the upper shoulders. Keep your hips off the ground for the entire range of motion. 

TIP: Remember do not go down to the lower back or up past the shoulders to the neck. 




When Can You Perform Foam Rolling Exercises? 

  • Before workouts 
  • After workouts 
  • When you wake-up 
  • Before you go to bed 
  • When you have the time 

What works best for me is foam rolling the muscle groups my workouts will target before and/or after the session.  If I am particularly sore, I’ll foam roll at night with some light static stretching work included. I even get sore from going for a hike in the mountains, so a foam roller is a must wherever I go to ensure I’m never too sore to enjoy the next day’s adventures. 

For a general foam rolling work, I would recommend the above movements to be done for 1-2 minutes at a time, two-three times per week. This means 1-2 minutes doing both sides and hitting the three angles: inner, outer, and middle. Total, this should take less than 15 minutes per session. 

How You Should Feel After Foam Rolling 

Foam rolling work should make you feel loose and limber. If your muscles are sore, you should feel immediate relief. You will be able to feel the difference after your first-time foam rolling. As you continue with foam rolling over time, you will not feel the same muscle tightness in the areas you once did. 

Like exercise, if you want to see the full benefits from foam rolling, you must make it part of your daily workout routine. 

What Type of Foam Roller to Buy 

I’ve come across two different types of foam rollers. A smooth-surfaced foam roller and what is called a rumble roller. 

1.  The smooth-surfaced roller is what you want to begin with. It typically comes in two sizes. The shorter length is fine for the above exercises. You can find them for sale in specialty sporting good stores and of course, online for less than $20, the new TriggerPoint GRID roller has a mixture of harder and softer areas that work well for rolling different areas.

You can get the smoot-surface roller here.





2.  The second type of foam roller is named the rumble roller for its uneven surface caused by its protruding nodules. This type of roller really digs into the muscle tissue and is not for people just beginning foam roller exercises. Rumble rollers are more than double the price of their smooth counterparts but do bring foam rolling to an entirely new level if you’re finding the regular foam roller to be less effective than it used to be. 




Are There Foam Rolling Workouts Available? 

You can get really good results from the above foam rolling exercises. There really are not any real workout programs on DVD that focus solely on foam rolling movements, although you can find some supposed workout moves in magazines. However, these will never be as effective as a regimen of cardio and weight training with foam rolling exercises added in. 

The only program I am aware of is at the beginning of the Tai-Cheng workout, which contains about 10-15 minutes of foam rolling and dynamic stretching to work on mobility retention. The program comes includes the smooth roller and it is a great program to add to any workout.

If you have foam rolled before, I am curious as to what type of results you are getting with this new technique. Please share your experiences below!

Tabitha Martin


Look, I have said it time and time again. I am TIRED...yep! I'm tired! But not the tired you get from a day of work I'm tired of being fat! Tired of being weak! Tired of being TIRED. 

I'm not only shaping myself for today, I'm shaping myself for my future. If you think you are done at 50 you are WRONG! You not done! We still have a future, work to do and gifts to offer! EVEN more now than ever! 

Not only am I focusing on my career and home businesses, but I am also putting MYSELF first for once in my life! My body is God's temple and mine! I am trying to treat my body the way God would treat it. I owe myself and HIM that much (and so much more). He and I talk all the time and I know he is cheering me on! 

Eating healthier, working out, and enjoying an active life. Gaining my own motivation and confidence and the support from my husband is key. I try so hard to surround myself with supportive people and positive items. I try not to watch the news or invite energy vampires into my bubble. 

It is a challenge, but a challenge I am taking control of and I'm going to WIN! 

- Tabitha

7 Healthy Habits to Start Your Day Right  

The way you start your day can either set you up for success or make you wish you stayed in bed. 

In other words, when it comes to rising and shining, it’s important to get things right from the very beginning. 

That’s why BODLife contributor Daisha Graf put together seven healthy habits that will get your day started on the right track: 

Healthy Habit #1: Don’t Hit the Snooze Button!

Keep your phone out of reach, so you have to get out of bed to shut off your alarm. 

It might sound brutal, but breaking up with your snooze button will make a huge difference in your morning routine, and let’s face it — some of us need all the help we can get. 

Healthy Habit #2: Let the Light In 

After you’ve gotten up, open the curtains and let natural light in as soon as possible: Getting those sun signals to your brain will help your body wake up all on its own. (Thanks, nature!) 

Healthy Habit #3: Skip Social Media 

Don’t open the ‘gram, or any social media for that matter, in order to stay productive and present. We’ve all gone down that social media rabbit hole where you think, “I’m just going to check this one thing…” and then 30 minutes have gone by. Resist the urge. You can do it. 

….Watch and find out what else you can do to boost your cognition, metabolism, and mood in the morning!

I hope this helps you get your day starting off the right way!

- Tabitha

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What are the things that will kill your dreams? Yea I realize we are still in a pandemic but right now is the time to GO FOR IT!  

I cannot afford to come up with excuses and neither should you! Excuses like “I can't because {fill in the blank} or because of the pandemic. Because I don't have time. Because I don't have the money. Because I am just too tired. There is only ONE thing that will make your dreams a reality.  

TAKING ACTION! Yep, I said it. Taking ACTION!! I had all of the excuses! ALL of them and then some more!  

Stop thinking about it! Stop waiting! Stop trying to be perfect and just GO!  

How many of us procrastinate? I know I still do it! But I’m learning to kick my butt in gear and just DO! Don't say what you're GOING to do! Just DO!  

Procrastination is a form of stress relief. It's a habit.  

The only way to break the habit…… to INTERRUPT THE PATTERN!  

How many times have I started something and then procrastinate and quit? I would say about 40 Million times. How many times have I said to myself even in the last week. “Oh, you can skip this one tonight” You want to know what's different? I AM! I’m tired of procrastinating. I”m tired of being in a rut and feeling like I have nowhere else to go! I’m tired of carrying around weight. I’m tired of being unhealthy. I’m tired of hurting all the time. I am TIRED OF THE PATTERN  


Excuses are the gateway to procrastination. Pattern interrupt is the gateway to success!  

Get a little uncomfortable being uncomfortable. Guess what? When you become uncomfortable in your own skin is when you decide to do the things OTHERS are not brave enough to do! They are hiding! Procrastinating! When you LET your guard down and decide to become uncomfortable that's when true success building begins! 

So I am going to stop thinking about it. I am going to stop trying to be perfect. I am going to stop procrastinating. I am going to GET very uncomfortable and I’m going to be successful!  

If you want to hear more, PM me. I’d love to show you how you can become uncomfortable too. Let's talk! 


What would you say the most popular comment or even question is when it comes to buying healthy food? Yep, you guessed it, "It's too expensive to eat healthy" or "How much more does it cost to eat healthy?

Anyone that does it consistently will always tell you the answer is "NO".....

When Jerry and I decided to start taking care of ourselves better and eating right, I worried about the same thing. If you know me, you will know I like a bargain. I do not like to spend money and I always like to keep my budget low. Who doesn't?? 

I have learned a few things along the way, and I'd like to share them with you. 

Even if you don't like certain things you can still stock up and play with flavor. I like to stock up on things like beans, Chickpeas, Lentils, Peas…pulses are a part of the legumes family and something you should definitely stock up on. If you do like beans you already know they are one of the cheapest finds at the grocery store. You can stretch some beans a long long way. I like to soak them overnight, and then cook with some bacon grease and salt for about 10 hours. This will take a lot of the "STINK" out. After they cool I will bag them in quart bags and then freeze them. Not only is this economical but the flavor sets in and oh my gosh they taste great later!. No, they aren't carb-free, but they are a part of a nutritional Mediterranean diet plan. In the blue zones where people live to be over 100 years of age, eat beans and legumes just about every day. Learning how to eat beans is not a huge secret. beans are to be eating as a side dish and not the main event. 

Another big-budget health buster is buying local. I like to visit the farmers market whenever I can. They are well stocked with many colors and a variety of vegetables and fruits. Foods that have been grown in your own community. Your food will cost much less than imported produce and buying local means buying organic and also means buying the best possible option there is. Contrary to popular belief, I’ve found that buying local organic produce is not only always better for you, but is also better priced.

Buying fresh over frozen. Yes, frozen foods are very convenient but we are talking healthy here. I'm not saying that frozen isn't healthy but, once produce becomes frozen, the price rises significantly, especially when packaged by a major company. Stick to eating fresh as much as possible and as often as possible. If there is a deal going on that you just can't pass up on frozen produce then buy in bulk and, again split the portions up in baggies and freeze for another day. I also like to buy fresh and freeze as well. Have you ever had a frozen banana in your shake? OH MY, you are missing out if you haven't. 

Meal prep and planning can be an easy way to eat throughout the week. I'm lazy and do not do it as much as I should but I have and it was worth the work. It essentially means planning out what you will be eating ahead of time, be it a day ahead, a week, or even for the entire month. I either make a list of all the ingredients in the house, then plan meals around them, or meal plan and buy foods around that list. This is great for a budget because you can definitely use up what ingredients are in your household especially helpful for utilizing ingredients in more than one way.

Never go to the store hungry and always shop with a list and STICK TO THE LIST. I am totally guilty of hunger shopping and list leaving! Many times I have pulled into the grocery store with my list and coming out with 10 to 15 unpredicted items. Making a real grocery store list that ties into your meal planning means that you’re more in control and can keep you on track with only buying what you need.

Shopping smart means shopping healthy and on the budget, so many people think you can't do it and it still be nutritious. It's such a common misconception  Eating at home versus eating out less saves money as well. What if you cut you're eating out habit down to over half? What if you took a healthy shake along for your commute instead of stopping at Dunkin Donuts fo that 5.00 coffee and 5.00 breakfast sandwich. Just imagine how much money you will save, and how much more healthy you will be and feel?. (If you want to learn more about what shake I suggest PM me)

In my opinion, eating healthy is a game-changer. You honestly can't afford NOT to eat healthy. What you put into your body this week is what your body will look and feel like next week. So you can either budget and eat healthy or pay plenty of money on doctor bills later hope this helped some to bust the "I can't afford to eat healthy myth" 

I hope this helped to bust the myth of "I can't afford to be healthy because I can't afford to eat healthy"


Join my email list and get my EBook "15 Eating Healthy ON A Budget Recipes." 

Day #5: Whats your why going to be? 

You have probably seen many people online post personal stories and new adventures and why they chose this path. You have probably seen mine as well. However, I am hoping to be unique in my story and my path. Life has not always been kind to me and perhaps for a reason. I thank God now for all he has put me through and has taken from me. I am equally thankful for what it has taught me. I have been blessed by all the things that life dealt me and that might sound odd, but because of it I have been given the right set of characteristics to help others. I truly do want to be of service and an inspiration to anyone who wants to make a healthy change, whether it be exercising, diet changes, spiritual growth, or heck even flossing more. HA. My focus is to improve myself and use this platform as a way to share my journey. If I tell and show everyone through stories and posts that I'm working out every day, and I'm eating healthy it will be that much easier for me to become healthy and stay there. Just maybe...I mean.. JUST maybe that will spark a bit of motivation in YOU. 

God has blessed me with a body that still works to some degree and it's up to me to make it better and stronger. I know I can accomplish what I have set out to do. To achieve core strength to keep me out of pain and stiffness. Tighten up my tummy and tush. To be able to gain energy and strength and be able to play with my grandkids more. To be able to set an amazing example for them as well. 

My "WHYS" may be different than yours, but I can tell you that no matter what anyone's reason is it will take commitment and challenge. It may not be easy and some days you might just want to quit. You won't quit, because I'm not going to quit! I can help you when you're ready to jump in with me. 



Today I got up and was ready for the day. I made the coffee and got ready for work. I planned that today would be a GREAT day......but it wasn't. It was full of stress and frustration. When I left work I was not in a good mood and I knew I certainly didn't want to go home and be happy enough to work out. However, once I got home I saw my husband's smiling face and him asking me about my day. So I unloaded on him about it. Most of the time I don't like talking about my workday if it's been bad. I just like to leave it there. I went upstairs and debated on either going to bed or make myself work all my frustration out with my boxing routine. Boxing won! I am glad I pushed through it too. Not only did I do what I needed for my body, but I felt better about my day after I let off some steam. 

"Doubt kills more dreams then failure ever will" If you feel like quitting DONT.. just push through! Do that workout anyway. Don't let doubt or frustration win this time. Start and do not stop because the outcome will always be worth more than giving up after certain circumstances push you to make the decision to give up. 

Say bye to doubt and wanting to give up. Say bye to the days' frustrations. Say HELLO TO THE NEW YOU! 

- Tabitha


Never in a million years did I ever think I’d make myself be so vulnerable and available on social media. Hiding in the shadows, and only showing the best parts of me was always my real comfort. But today I put my WHOLE body on video, boxing and sweating it up. THE REAL, RAW THE HONEST AND ALL MY FLAWS. The good the bad the pretty and yes the ugly. It has taken me to lose a great part of my physical ability to stop caring about what others thought or were thinking of me. I have to now just care about what I think, and you know what? I now know that other people's opinions of me are none of my business. People will think what they want about you regardless of what you do. So now I’m just going to go for it. I am putting myself first. I have also learned that loving yourself first only gives you permission to love others more. You can't love others until you learn to love and take care of yourself first.

I have always just half a**’d things when it has come to my health and exercise. This time I’m going for it all the way and with passion and determination. I’m going all in. You have one life and mine is almost half over. That is if I live to be 100. In one and a half years I’ll be 50. I do not want to go through my 50’s fat, hurting, and unhealthy. If you asked me a year ago if I thought I’d be here right now, I might have wanted to but I would have not had the drive to get started. A year ago I was in a very different place. I was just going through the daily motions and not really aware of the damage I truly was doing to myself. I was stressed out and constantly on edge and always worried about this or that.  

I feel like there is hope now. Like there is a light at the end of this tunnel. I am going to kick butt and take names ( I hope a lot of names too ha) I hope to also make an impact in other people's lives as well as my own.  

This life is YOURS. It's your own rules. Your way. To find your passion, find what feeds you physically, mentally, and spiritually and go all in. If you don't try, then you will never know. Believe me the “what ifs” in life are worse than the “ I tried”.


Tabitha Martin April 28, 2020