What would you say the most popular comment or even question is when it comes to buying healthy food? Yep, you guessed it, "It's too expensive to eat healthy" or "How much more does it cost to eat healthy?

Anyone that does it consistently will always tell you the answer is "NO".....

When Jerry and I decided to start taking care of ourselves better and eating right, I worried about the same thing. If you know me, you will know I like a bargain. I do not like to spend money and I always like to keep my budget low. Who doesn't?? 

I have learned a few things along the way, and I'd like to share them with you. 

Even if you don't like certain things you can still stock up and play with flavor. I like to stock up on things like beans, Chickpeas, Lentils, Peas…pulses are a part of the legumes family and something you should definitely stock up on. If you do like beans you already know they are one of the cheapest finds at the grocery store. You can stretch some beans a long long way. I like to soak them overnight, and then cook with some bacon grease and salt for about 10 hours. This will take a lot of the "STINK" out. After they cool I will bag them in quart bags and then freeze them. Not only is this economical but the flavor sets in and oh my gosh they taste great later!. No, they aren't carb-free, but they are a part of a nutritional Mediterranean diet plan. In the blue zones where people live to be over 100 years of age, eat beans and legumes just about every day. Learning how to eat beans is not a huge secret. beans are to be eating as a side dish and not the main event. 

Another big-budget health buster is buying local. I like to visit the farmers market whenever I can. They are well stocked with many colors and a variety of vegetables and fruits. Foods that have been grown in your own community. Your food will cost much less than imported produce and buying local means buying organic and also means buying the best possible option there is. Contrary to popular belief, I’ve found that buying local organic produce is not only always better for you, but is also better priced.

Buying fresh over frozen. Yes, frozen foods are very convenient but we are talking healthy here. I'm not saying that frozen isn't healthy but, once produce becomes frozen, the price rises significantly, especially when packaged by a major company. Stick to eating fresh as much as possible and as often as possible. If there is a deal going on that you just can't pass up on frozen produce then buy in bulk and, again split the portions up in baggies and freeze for another day. I also like to buy fresh and freeze as well. Have you ever had a frozen banana in your shake? OH MY, you are missing out if you haven't. 

Meal prep and planning can be an easy way to eat throughout the week. I'm lazy and do not do it as much as I should but I have and it was worth the work. It essentially means planning out what you will be eating ahead of time, be it a day ahead, a week, or even for the entire month. I either make a list of all the ingredients in the house, then plan meals around them, or meal plan and buy foods around that list. This is great for a budget because you can definitely use up what ingredients are in your household especially helpful for utilizing ingredients in more than one way.

Never go to the store hungry and always shop with a list and STICK TO THE LIST. I am totally guilty of hunger shopping and list leaving! Many times I have pulled into the grocery store with my list and coming out with 10 to 15 unpredicted items. Making a real grocery store list that ties into your meal planning means that you’re more in control and can keep you on track with only buying what you need.

Shopping smart means shopping healthy and on the budget, so many people think you can't do it and it still be nutritious. It's such a common misconception  Eating at home versus eating out less saves money as well. What if you cut you're eating out habit down to over half? What if you took a healthy shake along for your commute instead of stopping at Dunkin Donuts fo that 5.00 coffee and 5.00 breakfast sandwich. Just imagine how much money you will save, and how much more healthy you will be and feel?. (If you want to learn more about what shake I suggest PM me)

In my opinion, eating healthy is a game-changer. You honestly can't afford NOT to eat healthy. What you put into your body this week is what your body will look and feel like next week. So you can either budget and eat healthy or pay plenty of money on doctor bills later hope this helped some to bust the "I can't afford to eat healthy myth" 

I hope this helped to bust the myth of "I can't afford to be healthy because I can't afford to eat healthy"


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  • Tom Wilson
    Tom Wilson Pitt Meadows BC Canada
    Great blog, Tabitha. I need to start eating healthy, too. Looking forward to trying your 15 recipes.

    Great blog, Tabitha. I need to start eating healthy, too. Looking forward to trying your 15 recipes.

  • One Leg Warrior
    One Leg Warrior
    Thank you, Tom! You will love those shake recipes!

    Thank you, Tom! You will love those shake recipes!

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