Today I got up and was ready for the day. I made the coffee and got ready for work. I planned that today would be a GREAT day......but it wasn't. It was full of stress and frustration. When I left work I was not in a good mood and I knew I certainly didn't want to go home and be happy enough to work out. However, once I got home I saw my husband's smiling face and him asking me about my day. So I unloaded on him about it. Most of the time I don't like talking about my workday if it's been bad. I just like to leave it there. I went upstairs and debated on either going to bed or make myself work all my frustration out with my boxing routine. Boxing won! I am glad I pushed through it too. Not only did I do what I needed for my body, but I felt better about my day after I let off some steam. 

"Doubt kills more dreams then failure ever will" If you feel like quitting DONT.. just push through! Do that workout anyway. Don't let doubt or frustration win this time. Start and do not stop because the outcome will always be worth more than giving up after certain circumstances push you to make the decision to give up. 

Say bye to doubt and wanting to give up. Say bye to the days' frustrations. Say HELLO TO THE NEW YOU! 

- Tabitha

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